Data Entry

Data Entry Course in Mussafah Abu Dhabi

Course Outline:

Edit and Proofread Text

  • Making Text Changes
  • Sidebar: About the Clipboard
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Fine-Tuning Text
  • Correcting Spelling and Grammatical Errors
  • Sidebar: Viewing Document Statistics
  • Inserting Saved Text
  • Sidebar: Inserting One Document into Another

Change the Look of Text

  • Quickly Formatting Text
  • Changing a Document’s Theme
  • Manually Changing the Look of Characters
  • Sidebar: Character Formatting and Case Considerations
  • Manually Changing the Look of Paragraphs
  • Sidebar: Finding and Replacing Formatting
  • Creating and Modifying Lists
  • Sidebar: Formatting Text as You Type

Organize Information in Columns and Tables

  • Presenting Information in Columns
  • Creating Tabbed Lists
  • Presenting Information in Tables
  • Sidebar: Performing Calculations in Tables
  • Sidebar: Other Layout Options
  • Formatting Tables
  • Sidebar: Quick Tables

Add Simple Graphic Elements

  • Inserting and Modifying Pictures
  • Sidebar: About Clip Art
  • Changing a Document’s Background
  • Inserting Building Blocks
  • Sidebar: Drawing Text Boxes
  • Adding WordArt Text
  • Sidebar: Formatting the First Letter of a Paragraph

Enquire About the Course

• Working with data
• Manipulate worksheets
• Working with formulas
• Format worksheet contents
• Using built-in functions
• Sorting and filtering
• Subtotals
• Working with charts
• Page setup and Printing worksheets
• Scenarios
• Pivot Reports and Pivot Charts
• Goal seek and Solver
• Absolute Cell References and Cell naming
• Working with Macros
• Visual Basic Application