Micro Station

Micro Station Course Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

Micro Station Fundamentals course is designed for the new Micro Station user who requires comprehensive training in Micro Station. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with Micro Station. Hands-on exercises throughout the course-ware explore how to create 2D production drawings.

Course Outline:


  • Starting MicroStation
  • Using MicroStation Manager
  • Mouse Functions in MicroStation
  • A Tour of MicroStation proper
  • Using Toolboxes
  • The Tools Menu
  • Getting help

Preparing MicroStation

  • User Preferences

Your First Session

  • Place Element Tools
  • Introducing to Element manipulation

Introduction to AccuDraw

  • Automatic Start
  • On / Off Toggle
  • The input foucs
  • Precision input with AccuDraw
  • Rotating AccuDraw to the view orientation

Introduction to AccuSnap

  • Exercise: Exercising AccuSnap for the first time
  • Exercise: Manually executing a Snap
  • Exercise: Putting together the puzzle


Advanced Designing with AcccuDraw

  • AccuDraw Angles
  • The Angle Mode
  • Setting the AccuDraw origin
  • Setting Smart lock

Advanced Snapping with AccuSnap

  • Enabling / Disabling AccuSnap
  • AccuSnap and the Snap Mode settings
  • Near Snap point
  • Mid point Snap
  • Centre Snap
  • Origin Snap
  • Bisector Snap
  • Intersect Snap
  • Tangent point Snap
  • Perpendicular point Snap

Working with Arc’s and Ellipses

  • Placing circles
  • Placing Arcs

Working with Shapes

  • Exercise: Creating the rectangular cutouts
  • The Place Shape Tool
  • Exercise: Creating the parallelogram cutout
  • The Place Orthogonal tool
  • The Place regular Polygon tool


  • Making measurements
  • The measurement tools
  • The measure radius and measure angle tools
  • The measure area tool
  • Other measure tools

Element Attributes / Symbology

  • Element attributes
  • Colour
  • Line Weight
  • Active element transparency
  • Active element priority
  • Fill
  • The change element attributes tool
  • Match / Change by
  • Adding colour fill to solid elements
  • Changing the display order of elements


  • Move parallel
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Rotating elements
  • Mirror element

 Element Modifiers

  • Modify element
  • Extend element
  • Extending two elements to intersection
  • Extend element to intersection
  • Trim elements
  • Construct circular fillet
  • Construct chamfer

Working with a Fence

  • Manipulating multiple elements
  • Using fences
  • Manipulating fence contents

Working with Cells

  • How we use cells
  • The creation of cells
  • Types of cells
  • Creating a cell

Hatching and Patterning

  • Pattern settings
  • Pattern methods
  • The Snappable pattern option
  • Associative patterning
  • Hatch area
  • Crosshatch area

Placing Text and Annotation

  • Placing text
  • Changing text after the fact
  • Changing text attributes
  • Place note
  • Text Styles
  • Important text attributes
  • Placing text with a text style Placing Dimensions
  • The importance of Dimensioning
  • Alignment
  • Association Lock
  • Dimension Size with arrows
  • Dimension Angle Between lines
  • Dimension Radial


  • The final plot scale – an early consideration
  • Plotting interface

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