Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPointCourse in Mussafah Abu Dhabi

Explore PowerPoint
Working in the User Interface
Creating and Saving Presentations
Sidebar: Compatibility with Earlier Versions
Opening, Moving Around in, and Closing Presentations
Viewing Presentations in Different Ways

Work with Slides
Adding and Deleting Slides
Adding Slides with Ready-Made Content
Sidebar: Working with Slide Libraries
Sidebar: Exporting Presentations as Outlines
Dividing Presentations into Sections
Rearranging Slides and Sections

Work with Slide Text
Entering Text in Placeholders, Adding Text Boxes
Sidebar: Changing the Default Font for Text Boxes
Editing Text, Sidebar: About the Clipboard
Correcting and Sizing Text While Typing
Checking Spelling and Choosing the Best Words
Sidebar: Researching Information and Translating Text
Finding and Replacing Text and Fonts

Format Slides
Applying Themes, Using Different Color and Font Schemes, Changing the Slide Background, Changing the Look of Placeholders
Changing the Alignment, Spacing, Size, and Look of Text
Sidebar: Non–Color Scheme Colors

Add Simple Visual Enhancements
Inserting Pictures and Clip Art Images
Inserting Diagrams, Sidebar: Graphic Formats
Sidebar: Converting Existing Bullet Points into Diagrams
Inserting Charts, Drawing Shapes
Sidebar: Connecting Shapes, Adding Transitions

Review and Deliver Presentations
Setting Up Presentations for Delivery
Previewing and Printing Presentations
Preparing Speaker Notes and Handouts
Sidebar: Enhanced Handouts, Finalizing Presentations
Sidebar: Setting Up Presenter View
Delivering Presentations

    Enquire About the Course

    Presentation Enhancements

    Add Tables
    Inserting Tables, Formatting Tables
    Inserting and Updating Excel Worksheets

    Fine-Tune Visual Elements
    Editing Pictures, Customizing Diagrams
    Formatting Charts, Arranging Graphics
    Sidebar: Alt Text

    Add Other Enhancements
    Adding WordArt Text
    Inserting Symbols and Equations
    Sidebar: Setting Math AutoCorrect Options
    Inserting Screen Clippings
    Creating Hyperlinks
    Sidebar: Attaching the Same Hyperlink to Every Slide
    Attaching Actions to Text or Objects

    Add Animation
    Using Ready-Made Animations
    Customizing Animation Effects

    Add Sound and Movies
    Inserting and Playing Sounds
    Inserting and Playing Videos
    Sidebar: Inserting Videos from Web Sites

    Additional Techniques

    Share and Review Presentations
    Collaborating with Other People
    Sidebar: Broadcasting Presentations
    Saving Presentations in Other Formats
    Sending Presentations Directly from PowerPoint
    Sidebar: Adding Digital Signatures
    Password-Protecting Presentations
    Sidebar: Information Rights Management
    Adding and Reviewing Comments
    Merging Presentation Versions

    Create Custom Presentation Elements
    Creating Theme Colors and Fonts
    Viewing and Changing Slide Masters
    Creating Slide Layouts
    Saving Custom Design Templates

    Prepare for Delivery
    Adapting Presentations for Different Audiences
    Rehearsing Presentations
    Sidebar: Recording Presentations
    Preparing Presentations for Travel
    Saving Presentations as Videos

    Customize PowerPoint
    Changing Default Program Options
    Sidebar: Using Add-ins
    Customizing the Ribbon
    Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar