MS Project Training

MS Project Training Course in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

This course is designed to teach project managers how to create, update and manage project schedules with Microsoft Project. Participants will learn how to create new projects, enter tasks, create a WBS, set dependencies, create constraints and deadlines and manage resource assignments. You will also learn how to analyze and manage resources over and under-allocations, set baselines, track and manage progress and generate reports.

Course Outline:

Getting Started

  • Navigating Project
  • Creating a new project

Creating Tasks

  • Creating New Tasks
  • Managing Tasks
  • Understanding the WBS

Shaping the Schedule

  • Linking and Unlinking tasks
  • Enabling the Critical Path
  • Working with task dependencies
  • Using lag and lead time

Resources, Calendars and Costs

  • Managing Resources
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Using the cost budget resource
  • Working with Calendars
  • Managing Resource rates
  • Learn about fixed costs

Task Type & Allocations

  • Task Type Settings
  • Working with Fixed Duration
  • Using Fixed Work
  • Manually adjust work assignments
  • Resolving Over allocations
  • Constraints

Tracking Project Progress

  • Baseline
  • Tracking Tasks
  • Managing Task Updates
  • Comparing Actual Vs Baseline

Managing Project Information & Reporting

  • Use filters and groups
  • Modifying the Gantt Chart
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Visual Reports

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