Networking Training Course Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

This course will provide participant a much needed knowledge of computer networking, enabling them to identify and rectify the onboard computer software and network related problems.  With the help of this course the participant will be able to understand the networking specifications that are required to run operating system and various shipboard application programs. Also, upgrading of existing hardware / software as and when required.

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Course Outline:

  • Installations of operating systems & configuring PC network
  • Installation of service packs, applications such as MS Office, MS Outlook, Anti-virus software, etc.
  • Trouble shooting of Windows 7,8,10 & MS Office 2010 and 2013
  • Computer network and how to configure?
  • Networking hardware and cabling
  • Sharing and managing networked components
  • Diagnosis and repairs
  • Active Directory
  • DNS
  • Managing Users and groups
  • Sharing files and Folders
  • Group Policy Management
  • Windows Server Backup

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