Revit Structure

Revit Structure Training Course Mussafah

Revit Structure is easy to develop an accurate structural model of a real-world, four-story commercial project. You will develop a structural project from the very beginning and see its completion through all aspects of BIM modeling. This course teaches you how to update the Revit model elements, add annotations, set up detail sheets, create framing elevations and to create a completed set of structural construction documents for a project.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Revit

  • Building Information Modeling
  • Working with a Project
  • From AutoCAD to Revit

Using Autodesk Revit Structure

  • User Interface and Common


  • Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Design Bar
  • Options Bar, Status Bar/Mouse
  • Tool Tips, Type Selector
  • Editing Tools

Project Set-up

  • Transferring Project Standards
  • Project Information
  • Project Browser Organization

Datum Elements

  • Levels
  • Grids

Structural Columns

  • Type Selector (Load if Necessary)
  • Specify by Height or Depth
  • Place Individually
  • Place by Grid Intersection
  • Place by Architectural Column

Floor Framing

Structural Beams

  • Place Individually
  • Place by Grid (Need Structural Columns)

Beam Systems

  • Properties
  • Beam Direction
  • Reset Structural Beams System

Creating Floor Decks and Slabs

  • Floor Properties
  • Creating Floor Types
  • Add Openings
  • Sloping Slabs

Creating Walls

  • Wall Types
  • Modify Wall Profile
  • Add Openings
  • Attach Top/Bottom of Wall

Creating Foundations

  • Continuous Footings and Pilasters
  • Isolated Footings

Creating an Elevator Pit

  • Using Wall and Foundation Slab

Architectural Elements

  • Roofs
  • Stairs & Railings
  • Ramps

Creating Floor Plans

  • Creating Enlarged Plans
  • Detailing vs. Duplicate
  • Creating Elevations and Sections
  • Creating Elevations
  • Split Segment
  • Creating Callouts
  • Section Box

Structural Reinforcement

  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Adding Rebar
  • Modifying Rebar
  • Reinforcing Walls, Floors, and Slabs


  • Component Tags
  • Adding Tags Individually & Tag All
  • Dimensions
  • Text
  • Add/Remove Leader


  • Create New Legend
  • Placing Legend Components


  • Create New Schedule/Quantities)
  • Schedule Properties
  • Changes Made in the Schedule are reflected in the Model Properties

Family Creation &Plot

  • Family Creation
  • Printing & Export

Project Completion

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