SAP Human Resource & Payroll Module

Duration: 25 hours

1. SAP overview (1 Hour)

2. Structures & organizational Management ( 3 hours)
a. Enterprise Structure & personnel structure
b. Organizational structure (simple maintenance & Expert mode)
c. Create plan objects, Additional object types, task description/department/staff
i. Maintain plan versions, organization management info types
d. Account assignment features, structure maintenance
e. Configure positions, Jobs, cost center assignment, Reporting Relationships
f. Organizational structure report

3. Recruitment ( 3 hours)
a. Recruitment process
b. Posting advertisement
c. Applicant Master Data Maintenance
d. Applicant actions, applicant activity
e. Transfer applicant data to employee master data
f. Report generation, recruitment Info type Maintenance

4. Personnel Administration (2 hours)
a. Maintain personnel action
b. Maintain HR Master data
c. PA Info types maintenance
d. Dynamic actions
e. Default features

5. Time Management (3 hours)
a. Work schedules
i. Maintenance of Holiday Calendar
ii. Break schedules & Daily work schedules
iii. Work schedule rules
iv. Default features maintenance
b. Time data Recording & Administration
i. Absence Quotas and generation
ii. Attendance Quotas
iii. Overtime etc
c. Time info types maintenance

6. Payroll (4 hours)
a. Pay scale structure
b. Maintenance of payroll Info types
c. Maintenance of wage types and configuration
d. Payroll process stages and Explanation
e. Schema Modifications in payroll
f. Form Editor and creation of Remuneration Statement
g. Country specific payroll process legal legislations and Explanations

7. Personnel Development (3 hours)
a. Qualifications & Scales configuration
b. Profile matchup
c. Performance appraisal
d. Career planning
e. Succession planning

8. Training & Event Management (2 hours)
a. Business event preparation
b. Business event catalog
c. Training activities
d. Booking and Pre-booking etc.

9. Brief introduction of Employee Self Service & manager Self-service(1 hour)

10. Business case study project Based Exercise ( 3 hours)
a. End to end Implementation SAP HR case study
b. Project scope – Live scenario Environment Documentation
c. Documentation of project based guidelines
d. Deliverables in a project
e. Blueprint phase documentation
f. Transport requests
g. Unit testing, Integration testing
h. Interview guidelines

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