Spoken Arabic

Spoken Arabic Class in Mussafah Abu Dhabi

Best Spoken Arabic Classes In Mussafah

Arabic is the most spoken language worldwide, with over 200 million people, in more than 22 countries worldwide speaking it as a first language. It is the largest member of the Semetic language branch

We, at HighQ Training Institute, offer intensive instruction in the Arabic language though multimedia material and activities designed to situate the language in the context of the cultures in which it is spoken. The language of instruction is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), But the student also have opportunities to hear and speak various colloquial Arabic dialects

Experienced instructors use a communicative approach that emphasizes listening and along with speaking and writing. Activities designed to teach listening and speaking spring from real situation and current events

The Program Included In Spoken Arabic Training

  • Reading of Arabic short Stories, poetry, and current newspaper articles
  • Live television and radio broadcast from Middle East movies
  • Tape recordings
  • The internet
  • Video clip along with inter active instructional facilities

We have beginners, intermediate and advanced day, evening and weekend Arabic language courses. Our Arabic language classes are design to meet the needs of the individual wishing to enhance their language skills for communication with Arabic countries, business and people, or for anyone considering study Arabic as a foreign language

  • Arabic language naturally with dynamics immersion
  • Fully-interactive step-by-step lessons
  • No tedious translation or memorization
  • Start making progress from the day one!
  • Core course material which has been prepared experts
  • Practical exercises in our language Lab

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